Baden Croft


Baden Croft is an emerging artist based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Baden’s paintings are influenced by life on the Australian coast and international locations including Morocco, Portugal, the Philippines and Samoa, where he spends endless hours surfing and exploring the native flora and marine life. In thick, textured oil paint, his subject matter spans from floral arrangements to beach scenes, crabs and fish. It is with confidence that Baden applies rich, pure oils to his stark white canvases, and allows the paint to speak in thick layers, 2-3cm deep.

Aside from physical depth, Baden’s paintings also appear to extend beyond the canvas through masterful use of shadows and perspective play. Unexpected additions of windows and 3-dimensional corners frame his subjects and draw the eye to many different focal points around the canvas.

“Ever since I can remember I have been drawn to the ocean and feel comfort in exploring the more rugged natural parts of the world, rather than places dominated by human influence. My interest in the natural environment and its unpredictability translates directly into the somewhat chaotic way in which I paint.

I like to work quickly, utilising excessive amounts of oil paint that is literally smeared onto the canvas, and generally using only one or two palette knives in the process. I am inspired by a variety of subjects, it can be as simple as a shadow falling on someone’s face, or more conceptually by the way people interact with the natural world, and how we are often drawn back to places untouched by human interference.” – Baden Croft

Baden has exhibited in sell-out solo, duo and group exhibitions at local and regional galleries across Victoria and New South Wales. His works are held in private collections around Australia.

Instagram @badencroft